7 Top Selling Teespring Ad Campaigns

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It’s a good idea to have a working knowledge of what a successful ad strategy is made of. There is some fund raising and a few online marketing campaigns as well.

Make note of how all the designs were produced professionally, trying to do this yourself is not always your best option. Unless you are an experienced graphic designer you may find this is best left to the professionals.

Another important point is that most of the ad campaigns sprout up for just a few days to a week after the event begins and acting fast is paramount for success. For this reason you would do well to take advantages of your opportunities as they come.

So without further ado here they are the top 7 Teespring Campaigns:

Number 1: The Granite Mountain Hot-shots Crew
Quantity Sold: 27, 480
Total Profits: $274, 800

This campaign was launched in memory of one of the worst fire fighting catastrophes since 1933. During the Yarnell Hill Fire 19 Firefighter lost there lives in the line of duty, these were members of the Hotshots Crew in Granite Mountain.

The Teespring campaign was launched just a few short days after the tragedy ended and although the initial marketing goals were to sell 75 tshirts the campaign sold more than 27 thousand total.
The teespring campaign started a few days after the end of the tragedy. Initial goal was 75 and they sold 27 480 shirts. It was a verified donation so 100% of the profits went in help of the family. The selling price was 20$ and cost of production was about 10$ a shirt, making their total profit $274,800 in a couple short days.

This is what can happen when you can get whole community to work together for cause.

Number 2: Support Firefighters & Join Guinness
Amount Sold: 7,707
Total Profits: $ 77, 070
This Teespring Campaign was launched by the Leery Foundation, who commit themselves to raising funds and support for equipment and education for training firefighters across the US) and Guinness for a bid St. Paddies Celebration. The unique T shirt they produce became insanely popular and went viral.

They sold total of 7,707 t-shirts all together and with each T-shirt going for 20$ they made a total of $77,000 after cost of production. A truly victorious finish in one single week!

Number 3: Detroit Fire Mutual Help
Amount Sold: 7147
Total Profits: $71 470

This campaign was also launched in support of the local fire department to purchase new equipment for their team. Proceeds were used for procuring gloves, extraction tools and flashlights for the Firefighters. This is an ongoing campaign and they continuously relaunch their program as soon as it is finished. At the present moment they have sold 7,147 shirts sold and have collected over 70,000$. Go Detroit!

Number 4: 7793 Fundraiser
Amount Sold: 6918
Total Profits: $103 770
This T-shirt was also part of a fund raising campaign launched in memory of those four souls who lost their lives aboard the Air Ambulance 7793 that went down in North Ontario, Canada. This tragedy has not gone forgotten, this campaign raised a whopping $100,000 in a few days and sold over 6918 Shirts. Each Shirt was priced at 25$ so a 15$ profit was collected from each one.

Again this is an example of speedy reaction, the accident happened on the 31st of May and the Campaign was completed on the 13th of June.

Number 5: Twitch
Amount Sold: 6511
Total Profits: $65 000
When the deadly typhoon Hayan swept through the Philippines it killed over 6,268 people, this was one of the worst catastrophes in the Philippines. The video game streaming platform Twitch decided to step in and lend a hand. They dedicated one of their outlets to helping these people. The Twitch Campaign has sold more than 6,500 t shirts and collected over $65,000 making it one of the most lucrative Teespring campaigns yet.

Number 6: Stay strong Boston
Amount Sold: 6313
Total Profits: $63 130
The Stay Stong Boston Teespring campaign was launched shortly after the Boston marathon Bombing in 2013 and the proceeds were used to commemorate the victims. The campaign was completed within two weeks of the tragedy on April 15th.

his Teespring Campaign sold over 6300 t-shirts and raised a nice $63,000 and was a great teespring donation.

Number 7: Cute Enough to Stop Your Heart…
Amount Sold: 4292
Total Profits: $72 964
… but cute enough to restart it. this has been one of the most popular t-shirts. This version features the CNA crest. Nurse assistants work under the supervision of registered nurses. this campaign has sold over 4,000 and raised a handsome $72,964.

How I Earned Money Through Teespring Campaigns

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Look For An Excellent Idea

Before I began, I had to find an excellent idea that could work well the shirts as well as the audience. Since I am a novice in this field of Teespring, I had no experience whatsoever. However, I did a little research on the internet looking at Teespring campaigns on Teeview. This was a real source of inspiration for the shirt idea I was looking for.

After I had been inspired with a few excellent ideas, I began utilizing the search tool bar on the Teeview website. This enabled me to have a rough idea of what kind of business was worth pursuing and consequently the business ideas that was not worth going for. This step contributed significantly towards my success. You should, therefore, pay more attention here even though more details of this step will be discussed later on.

After I had some inspirations on which niche to pursue, I got to work with guidance from my graphic designer. Keep in mind that, it is also possible for you to hire any top notch designers for a small portion of their price. We, my graphic designer and I, then after came up with some shirt designs. We were also able to come u with an advertising image.

Split Testing: The Most Significant Factors Contributing To Success.

My first which was mainly focusing on women design was well-accepted and quite fashionable. It was also matching well with other business ideas and niches I had. It was quite unclear as to the reason the focused niche was not buying it. I chose to split test my own Facebook advertising by different criteria such as sex, age and a lot of different advertisements.

At the beginning of it all, some earnings had already started to come my way but since I was inexperienced in this field of campaigns I started making some few errors. At that moment, it was not right. I went wrong when I decided to convert the bidding style as an effort to try and bring a new sense of life to my Teespring campaigns.

The social networking site, Facebook, then took that step and optimized my conversion to a rate of roughly 26$ on every shirt. This mistake could be blamed on my novice and inexperience to this area.

At the end of it all, I lost about 100$ on the shirt. However, even with these losses, all is not lost. This is because even after I lose money, I come out of the experience having learned something new. I really learnt a lot from this experience. Moving on to my next campaign.

The subsequent design I tried out was quiet successful. The idea of the design came to me during the time I was carrying out the ground work. I therefore started off some campaigns with this shirt. I choose to split test sex and age.
I discovered something interesting in this campaign. I realized that the profits I grasped were due to men who were in the older age group. Next, I decided to come up with a sequence of advertising and kicked off split testing hand in hand with different advertisements copies.

Later on, I realized my most favorable converting advertisements with the age group of older men only after using up around 30$ in split testing. I was still making a profit. I then decided to take my daily spending a notch higher and allow the campaign go on for some more hours.

The conversion of this age group dropped from 11$ to 7.5$. My Return On Investment (ROI) was looking good; It meant that I made at least 17$ per every shirt I sold.

I decided to extend my advertising to reach out to other age groups that I had not concentrated on earlier. The results were very encouraging. My shirt sold well. On this single campaign, I had sold a total of 100 shirts in 7 days.

This is a Teespring campaign Guide to all those people out there. It is easy, and anyone can do it even better. With a little determination, you are assured of success.

Today’s Best Internet Marketing Tips

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One of the worst things about having a business with a physical location is that the chances of the business failing are always very high, no matter how much money and time you invest. However, when it comes to having an online business on the internet, you won’t ever be in a bad location or run out of customers, as long as you apply the following internet marketing tips to your business.

Read newspapers and trade magazines to keep up to date on new technologies and new trends. If you read about a new trend before a lot of other people do, you may get a nice head start on your competitors. Keep up on your reading so you can be a trendsetter yourself instead of being the last person to find out about things.

Link to other websites in exchange to them linking to yours. If you happen to sell shoes, think about linking to a website that sells socks and see if they will reciprocate. This can increase both of your businesses, and also provide a useful and easy tool for your customers to use. It’s a win win situation for everybody.

Make sure you have a good understanding of your industry and examine the strategies that other companies are using. That will help you know what things are working the best in your industry, as well as what improvements you need to make to attract more new clients. When you find good information, be sure to take thorough notes and apply the most effective internet marketing strategies that your competitors are using.

A very useful tip that will help your internet marketing efforts is to contact previous customers of yours and ask if they would make a testimonial for you. It’s great to have testimonials posted on your website. It shows that past customers have been completely satisfied with your products or work.

One good way to effectively promote your services online is to join an online community that relates to your field of expertise. This is a good way of sharing your knowledge with other community members rather than just talking about your company. Just posting a link to your site underneath your name is sufficient for increasing awareness of your company. Sharing your knowledge is a great selling point that can attract more customers to your business.

Socialize. Whenever you post something new, you want to have as many people see, discuss and share your information as possible. Be sure to make posts about it at social media networking sites and ask others to share it. The more new eyes that see your website, the higher you chances are of having people see your information and share it with others, which in turn can help you achieve higher rankings in the search engines.

When it comes to designing your website, the main goal is to just keep things as simple as possible. Don’t use more than 3 different fonts. Do the same thing with your primary color palette. People will be really turned off if your website is too busy or complicated. All your important information should be located on the homepage. When people need to click too many times to find the information they are looking for, they tend to find another site to shop at. Your focus should be on quality and not quantity.

When internet marketing is done properly, it can result in having an endless stream of customers visiting your website and using your services or buying your products. For each visitor that doesn’t buy from you, there are thousands more just waiting for you to draw them in. Apply the above tips and increase your number of customers.